Monthly Archives: April 2015

Five Best Poses for Stronger Summer Abs

Strong ab muscles don’t only make us feel more confident in the sunny summer months, but also benefit the body in many unknown ways. Did you know that investing in strengthening your core contributes to the following:

Better athletic performance
Better posture
Less back pain
Better breathing
Stronger spine
A longer torso

While yoga has many benefits that help with flexibility and […]

5 Poses That Stretch, Strengthen and Build Healthy Bones

While we all know that the practice of Yoga can benefit us in the following ways:

Better balance
More flexibility
Tougher Muscles
Increased Circulation
Mental Relaxation

Did you know that the practice also helps bones become stronger?

Yoga is a well-rounded practice that benefits the body from the inside out, even affecting the most seemingly permanent part of the body – […]