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Chagrin Yoga Expansion Project

We are about to begin our long anticipated expansion project and would like to keep you up to date on our plans. We will remain open during construction, so there may be times over the next few months when there may be some noise and dust, but we promise the finished product will be worth […]

The Journey from Student to Yoga Teacher, is it YOUR time?

Do you remember the first time you stepped foot into a yoga studio? You likely weren’t sure what to expect. Perhaps you were skeptical or nervous, or maybe you were downright excited. Some people know after that first class that yoga is for them while others need a few classes to connect. But here […]

Special Guest Teacher: Diana Vitantonio

We’re thrilled to welcome our friend, Diana Vitantonio to Chagrin Yoga!  She will guest teach on July 10th during Darcy’s 9:30 – 10:45 am Power Vinyasa class.  You won’t want to miss this class, she’s an incredible teacher and we’re so happy to have her join us!  Call the studio at 440-247-4884 to pre-register or […]

New for Summer: Kids Yoga Classes

Don’t let summer break derail YOUR yoga routine!  We’ve added three morning classes per week designed just for your kids, ages 2 – 6. Kids’ classes will run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:30 – 10:45 am, opposite Darcy and Maribeth’s Power Vinyasa morning classes.

Chagrin Yoga’s Summer Reading List

As the weather warms up, we’re hearing students asking for great book recommendations that allow them to dive deeper into yoga while relaxing in the sun. Our instructors came together to recommend some yoga-­inspired books that have enhanced their yoga practice. Check out the list below.

Let us know what your favorite books are and […]

Five Best Poses for Stronger Summer Abs

Strong ab muscles don’t only make us feel more confident in the sunny summer months, but also benefit the body in many unknown ways. Did you know that investing in strengthening your core contributes to the following:

Better athletic performance
Better posture
Less back pain
Better breathing
Stronger spine
A longer torso

While yoga has many benefits that help with flexibility and […]

5 Poses That Stretch, Strengthen and Build Healthy Bones

While we all know that the practice of Yoga can benefit us in the following ways:

Better balance
More flexibility
Tougher Muscles
Increased Circulation
Mental Relaxation

Did you know that the practice also helps bones become stronger?

Yoga is a well-rounded practice that benefits the body from the inside out, even affecting the most seemingly permanent part of the body – […]

Five yoga poses to warm us up as we prepare for spring

“Winter is on my head, but eternal Spring is in my heart.”
Here in Chagrin Falls, lots of people are having a hard time warming up this winter. While cozy sweaters, hot tea, and fireplaces are aplenty, we’re looking forward to hearing birds chirping, seeing plants blooming, walking our dogs and opening our windows and […]

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    Intimidated by yoga? How to get over your fears and into your practice

Intimidated by yoga? How to get over your fears and into your practice

New to Yoga? There’s nothing to be worried about. While it may seem like many yogis in class were born awesome, remember, everyone was a beginner once. Here are our tips about how to overcome yoga’s most common fears so you can really begin embracing and enjoying your practice:

My body doesn’t bend that way!
No […]

Six Ways Yoga Will Revitalize Your Fitness Routine

Is your weekly workout getting a little stale? Are you flaking out on your New Years goals? Revitalize your routine by adding yoga! While yoga is a comprehensive exercise on it’s own, many Chagrin Yoga students ask us how it can improve and compliment an existing fitness regimen. When students pair a regular yoga […]