It’s been six months since we launched our first mobile app on Android and three months since we launched on the iPhone. The feedback we’ve gotten from many of you has been tremendous and we are thrilled that you like our app (and grateful that you are a part of the Chagrin Yoga community).

We thought that you may find some of these statistics interesting (and perhaps they will motivate those of you who aren’t using the app yet to give it a try). Today, we have 393 users of our app and over the past 6 months, they have viewed 2,185 poses, matched 1,798 poses to their various goals (using the “find a pose” feature), viewed 465 flows and watched 339 videos. Our app users also checked the latest schedule and registered for their favorite class 670 times using our direct connect feature. (By the way, please rest assured that Chagrin Yoga app usage is totally anonymous – we only see high level activity and nothing about users is ever collected at any time).

For all of you app users out there – what more would you like to see in our app? What would make this the best app on your phone? We’re always interested in finding better ways to communicate and share the gift of yoga. So, please take a minute to send us an email with your feedback at

And for those of you that haven’t given our app a try – why not? You can find our app in iTunes and in the Android marketplace (its called “Chagrin Yoga”).