We have great news!  Because last week’s class was such a success, DJ Hyfi is coming back AGAIN for Frank Alesci’s class on Wednesday, January 16th at 7:15 pm.  Use your class pass or pay a $15 drop in fee.  Click here to check out his DJ mix!

Take a journey across a sonic landscape of groovin’ beats and lush atmospherics. DJ HyFi weaves together a wide array of electronic music, catching the pulse of each vinyasa wave and carrying the collective energy to intense peaks, through smooth groovin’ valleys, and eventually melting into deep, spacious bliss.

Ian Hyman (DJ Hyfi) is a Philly-based DJ who has taken his art into the yoga studio to create a deep fusion of sound and movement. He spends most of his time on the road spinning for workshops, festivals and conferences around the nation and internationally. He strives to create a fresh experience for yoga enthusiasts everywhere with his unique approach to this dynamic art. Finding inspiration from life on the road and the interesting collection of characters along the way, he shares his perspective on yoga through his turntables. Ian’s DJ mixes are infused with a wide range of soulful electronic music, from deep ambient tunes to ecstatic rhythms of Jungle/DnB.