Favorite Color:

Bright Pink

Favorite Food:

Anything real and nutritious.  Sushumi or Thai if I had to narrow it down.

Favorite Pose:

Tadasana (mountain) because it is a powerful pose of posture, presence and grace.  It is the alignment of me with the divine and I am the bridge between heaven and earth.

Least Favorite Pose:

Handstands because I face fear and ego (my wrists aren’t happy in this pose)

Favorite Quote:

“You are either walking toward the ‘light’ (God) or away from it” Wayne Dyer

Favorite Book:

The Master of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

Who sees the real you?


What makes you happy?

Real chocolate (Cacoa… the #1 superfood) and lots of it!

What inspires you?

Broken people who are willing to ask for help and willing to do the work to put the pieces back together.

What does love look like to you?

It has four paws and curly hair… my Goldendoodle, Dharma. Unconditional love!