Talking to your spouse through email more than face-to-face? Having dinner with your family in the car as you rush to basketball practice? Too busy texting to notice your child’s debut on stage in the school play? You’re missing out on important events in your life and it’s not because you don’t care, you’re just too busy! Lucky for you… the road to putting aside daily distractions and reconnecting with the people you love is paved with wine, chocolate and yoga!

Reserve your spot today for two beautiful, funny and delicious workshops with special guest yogi, David Romanelli and learn how the unusual combination of yoga, wine and chocolate can lead you to a richer life more grounded in the present moment. Register now!

Click the image below to read the article “Live in the Moment with Wine, Chocolate and Yoga!” that was published in the Chagrin Valley Times on February, 21, 2013.