Chagrin Yoga is proud to introduce our first 200 hour level Teacher Trainees! They’ve been working hard every Monday from 8 am – 7 pm since February 7th. This class will complete their training on June 6th and at that time, will become Certified Yoga Teachers (CYT) at the 200 hour level through Darcy Providente and Chagrin Yoga. They can then register with The Yoga Alliance to become official Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT). Congratulations!

Top Row L to R: Chaire Pavlich, Sherry Safier, Ashlee D’Angelo, Kris Radzanowski, Whitney Evans, Vishali Gupta. Bottom Row L to R: Jimmy Lloyd, Lori Grbac, Darcy Providente, Frank Alesci, Jane Easly.