10/15 UPDATE:
This challenge is now over and we had 22 adventurous yogis take ten different classes in 30 days. Congratulations to: Terry Young, Michelle Demangone, Mindy Weiss, Maggie Malemud, Josh Young, Lisa Porter, Rita Hammer, Bob Flesher, Mia Rizzo, Jodie Jacobson, Stacie Pavich, Erin Koepf, Brittany Wiegand, Wendy Davis, Karen Simpson, Tommy, Irina Koppandi, Bob Dubovec, Annie Dubovec, Deb Mayer, Molly Jansen, Amy Hoimes.

Because we’re all having so much fun with these challenges, we figured… what better way to celebrate National Yoga Month than to explore all the different types of classes Chagrin Yoga has to offer!?  All you have to do for this fun challenge is take 10 different types of Chagrin Yoga classes between September 15th and October 15th 2016 and you’ll get $25 off your next month’s membership OR $25 off your next 10 class pack!

Start thinking about your plan of attack, here’s a list of the 16 different class offerings here at Chagrin Yoga:

Power Vinyasa | Vinyasa Flow | Bikram Style Hot Yoga | Bikram Basics | Yoga Basics | Power Basics | Power Lunch | Slow Flow Yoga | Yoga Exploration (formerly Therapeutics) | Gentle Rejuvenative | Barre | Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga | Yoga for Healthy BacksSunday Groove | Relaxation & Meditation | Yoga Pump (starting 9/12)