Yoga has been around for almost 5,000 years — even before humans learned to write. Not many things have that long of a proven track record.

At Chagrin Yoga, they are proving that the health benefits of yoga are timeless.

“Yoga is not a fitness fad but an age-old practice that creates well-being and perfect harmony between your body, mind and soul,” says Robin Pastor, co-owner of Chagrin Yoga.

“We are thriving and constantly improving after more than a year in business. It is rewarding to see how we are helping our clients, from weight loss to alleviating back pain to adding joy to someone’s life.”

Everyone is greeted like family, from toddlers to octogenarians streaming in and out of the studios. “We make everyone feel welcome in a warm and encouraging environment,” says co-owner Darcy Providente, who is an Educated Registered Yoga Teacher.

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