Congratulations to the THIRTY awesome yogis listed below who rocked the 20 Day June Challenge! We are so impressed by your drive and dedication. Special kudos go to Josh & Terry Young (pictured above left) who finished in just TEN days, and Bob Dubovec (pictured above right) who finished in 13 days.

The following is a list of all the successful 20 Day Challengers:
Karen Morgan, Josh Young, Lisa Porter, Shelly Camiener, Andrea DiSalvo, Hilary Marks, Sarah Petro, Jodie Ricci, Kirstin Boni, Brittany Wiegand, Cayla Rothenbuhler, Marcie Harrison, Stacie Pavich, Mary Miller, Steph Frailey, Pam Sudano, Rita Hammer, Amy Karpowicz, Mindy Weiss, Shannon Welsh, Amy Pilat, Beth Wilson-Fish, Bob Dubovec, Annie Dubovec, Terry Young, Christie Zydyk, Alli iklodi, Lea Jacobson, Grahame Howe and Trish McLean.

June challenge collage for NL