February 2015

Intimidated by yoga? How to get over your fears and into your practice
February 25, 2015

New to Yoga? There’s nothing to be worried about. While it may seem like many yogis in class were born awesome,…

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Is your weekly workout getting a little stale? Are you flaking out on your New Years goals? Revitalize your routine by adding yoga! While yoga is a comprehensive exercise on it’s own, many Chagrin Yoga students ask us how it can improve and compliment an existing fitness regimen. When students pair a regular yoga practice with other workouts or sports such as running, skiing, boxing, tennis, weight training, or biking, athletes notice increased flexibility, joint mobility, better balance and other benefits. We put together a list of reasons why yoga is an excellent addition to a fitness regimen. Chagrin Yoga instructors Shaun, Dave, Caroline and Darcy even weighed in. Check it out.

1. Stamina is sexy.

Dave says, “Yoga increases stamina and endurance, not just physically but also psychologically and emotionally.” Yoga encourages mindful focus and calmness, and when those teachings are applied to more rigorous exercises, many students experience increased endurance.” CHAGRIN YOGI TIP: Looking for a challenge? Try a Power Class! Power Yoga heats the body from inside out and allows for physical and spiritual breakthroughs.

2. Just Breathe.

According to Shaun, “Yoga increases your mobility, strength, and movement, but also focuses on diaphragmatic breath which, when applied to other types of exercises, prevents students from holding their breath while working out.” Breathing during exercise is imperative since it delivers oxygen to muscle groups that need it most. Yoga teaches you to take deep, full breaths, which should be used during all workouts to improve performance and effectiveness.

3. Don’t add insult to injury.

Yoga can prevent injury and help the body heal. Caroline says, “Yoga is the perfect compliment to any fitness routine. It helps prevent injury by elongating muscles, strengthening joints and stabilizing the core.” A strong core is the foundation for all exercise routines. Yoga also helps increase your range of motion and flexibility which contributes to better balance and fewer injuries. She adds, “Yoga is also the perfect downtime exercise to give your body time to recover from other rigorous exercises, plus it helps your mind relax so your body can recuperate.” CHAGRIN YOGI TIP: Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice that helps the body, recover, relax & restore. Check out this very cool
Winter Yoga Nidra Series with Jenn.

4. Did someone say, detox?

Yoga stimulates your organs with stretches and twists, which allows increased blood flow and encourages the release of toxins. Flushing toxins from your body can improve energy levels and kick start a weight loss program. Weight loss is more likely if you choose a type of yoga that increases your heart rate, such as Power Vinyasa and Vinyasa Flow. CHAGRIN YOGI TIP: Lots of our students detox with Bikram-Style Hot Yoga Classes. See a class led by Brian, below:

5. Don’t forget to flex.

The practice of yoga strengthens and tones your body uniformly, not just certain muscle groups. This improves balance and overall stability during other workouts and in sports. Overtime, all the stretching done during a regular yoga practice will elongate muscles and lead to greater flexibility, which not only helps prevent injury, but also improves performance in other sports activities. CHAGRIN YOGI TIP: If you’re looking to balance out a very rigorous workout routine, Slow Flow Yoga may be a cool compliment for you:

6. Perfect pairs.

Yoga has been known to provide excellent cross-training benefits for many athletes. Darcy suggests some great poses that directly benefit other types of exercises. She says, “Runners should practice hip openers, tennis players benefit from shoulder openers and waist stretches, and dancers are usually extremely flexible, which means they should focus on strength building poses.” CHAGRIN YOGI TIP: The best way to really dive-in to a yoga practice is by dedicating time to learning the basics. Check out our Basics of Power Workshop coming up on February 12th. Our instructors gave some great insight as to why yoga is the perfect cross training activity for athletes, but because we’re a community, we want to hear from you! Please share this blog and let us know what you think makes yoga the perfect compliment to your fitness routine. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts. If you’re looking to revitalize your New Year's Resolution, these workshops may be right for you: Mindful Eating Discussion Group Arm Balance and Inversions Workshop Our variety of classes are highlighted on our Class Schedule.