Chagrin Yoga OwnersChagrin Yoga is a friendly and welcoming yoga studio offering yoga classes for everyone! Our philosophy here is that everyone can benefit from yoga regardless of age, gender, body type or fitness level. Athletes, kids and busy professionals will all find a yoga class suited to their needs at Chagrin Yoga. Created by co-owners, Darcy Providente and Robin Pastor to fill a need for yoga in Chagrin Falls, we opened our doors in November of 2009.

We’re proud to offer three separate eco-friendly and well-appointed yoga studio spaces designed specifically to enhance your yoga practice, including appropriate space, flooring, sound and heat designed to maximize concentration, flexibility, movement and breathing.

The Root Studio

A mid-sized and modern space, the Root Studio is home to Chagrin Yoga’s Bikram and Barre classes.  It was renovated in 2015 and contains new, Ecore Terrain rx recycled rubber/vinyl flooring, and a Reznor high-heat and humidity system to help reduce the chance of injury and improve flexibility. The Root Studio has mirrors on the wall for our Bikram yoga classes and ballet barres for our Barre classes.

The Luna Studio

Our newest room, built in late 2015, is the Luna Studio and also contains Ecore Terrain rx recycled rubber/vinyl flooring and a Reznor high-heat and humidity system. This beautiful, 900 SF studio has silvery-gray textured walls, black floors, white ceilings and beautiful globe lighting.

The Sage Studio

Our largest space is the 1,800 SF Sage Studio, featuring a Reznor high-heat and humidity system, mirrors and Zebra Mat Flooring that provides a soft and non-slip foundation for your practice.  This premium flooring is easy on the joints and builds stronger foot and ankle muscles over time.