We are open and committed to providing a safe space for you to practice yoga in our studio! We understand some of you may not be able to practice in person with us right now, so we have a variety of live-streamed virtual classes to compliment our studio offerings. Virtual classes are included in your membership, class package or can be purchased for a $15 drop-in fee. Click Here for detailed instructions on accessing our virtual classes.

Register Online: To reduce contact, we are not be using class sign in sheets. We ask that you sign up for class online in advance to reserve your spot. This can be done through our website’s schedule or on You will not be able to register online if your membership is still suspended, so please call us at 440-247-4884 to reactivate. We have limited spots in each room (Sage-21, Luna-11, and Root-8) so it will be important to reserve your spot online. If you are unable to attend a class you’ve registered for, please call to cancel 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged.

Masks: The desk staff will be wearing masks and we ask that you do as well when you arrive and leave. Once you are on your mat, you may take it off if you like. If you have a cough, fever or don’t feel well, please wait until you are better to come back and practice.

Entrance Protocols: At the entrance, if you see two people taking off their shoes, please wait until they are finished before coming in and removing your shoes. In light of the current surge in Covid-19 cases, we are now asking students to take their temperature upon arrival. We have two stations at the front door with hand sanitizer and thermometers. We ask that you sanitize your hands and then take your temperature on the inside of your wrist. If it is 100 or over, please do not take class. After, you may proceed to the front of the desk, or the right hand side of the desk and tell the desk staff your name so they may check you into class. Please make an effort to maintain 6 feet of distance from others in the room. Wash or sanitize your hands (sink, soap and hand sanitizer will be available) and proceed to your room. Please place the top left corner of your mat at a taped spot on the floor. Mats will be spaced so everyone has a six foot radius of space around them while practicing.

Props: Due to state guidelines, showers will be closed and we will not be providing props, hand towels, or mat rentals at this time. We encourage you to bring your own props and towels if you need them during class. Please write your name on your mat, block and any other props you bring. We will have blocks, mats, and straps for sale in the boutique.

Exit Protocols: After class, if you wish to catch up with friends, please move outside so we have plenty of room for people coming in for the next class.

Cleaning & Sanitizing: We will continue to clean and disinfect the studio regularly. We have always had UV lights in the ductwork of the rooms to sanitize the air. We also have exhaust fans in the rooms and fresh air returns. We also use a non-toxic germicide spray that is sprayed in the rooms, bathrooms and retail area between classes.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in us.  Any questions, please call us at 440-247-4884.

Please note, we will not be accepting classpass moving forward.