We embrace the overwhelming support of our local community and are proud to share the following praise we’ve heard from our clients.

Chagrin Yoga is the best studio I’ve been to ever. Every time I travel and need to find a yoga studio, I’m always reminded Chagrin Yoga is the best studio anyone can find. The teachers are experienced and know how to make every class unique. There is a diverse selection of types of classes and their schedule spreads from 6am to 9pm. This place has become my home to meditate, work out or in other words to keep in shape inside and out.

- Sophie S.

I am totally addicted to going to barre class. It’s one of the best workouts physically and mentally, because you keep moving. I love how yoga is also practiced along with the classes. I see a difference in my thighs and hips and lost a few inches. It helps me think about my diet afterwards. I really feel the teachers are great, the class is very motivated. I’ve been going for several years too! Set the alarm every Tuesday & Thursday!

- Cindy
Dear Darcy, I wanted to reach out to you, to let you know that you were such an important piece of my yoga journey, and to thank you. I really admire you as a teacher and felt like your style of class always really spoke to me. After regularly attending your classes, I knew I wanted more. I would have LOVED to take your teacher training, yet I knew, Chagrin was only temporary for me at the time. I wanted to be a part of a training where I could make friends and connections wherever I put my roots down. After a lot of back and forth, I committed to and am in the middle of my first 200 hour YTT! I probably would not be standing here today, without finding my love for yoga in your classes. I know I have so much more to learn, but I have been able to unearth deeper layers of myself than I ever though possible and I have been able to let go and forgive things I never thought I would let go of. Thank you so much for helping kick start my yoga journey.

– PR -

Absolutely nothing changes my body shape as quickly or obviously as Barre class. The results from attending Barre are noticeable almost immediately. It’s Saturday and my triceps are still sore from my Thursday Barre class! Sore in a good way!

- Sherry
I have been practicing barre for a few years now. The classes at Chagrin have been the most beneficial and the most enjoyable! Barre is transformative for the body and mind. It is challenging and an amazing full body workout. The four barre instructors at Chagrin Yoga are all amazing and unique, so it is really great to attend all of their classes. The community of members and instructors are a really wonderful group of people! So glad to be a part of it.

– Susan
Thank you so much for offering an intro rate at Chagrin Yoga. I have been thrilled with my experience and have tried a variety of classes including Power Vinyasa (in the AM and PM!), Buti, and Barre. Tonight I’m actually attending the Basics class to make sure my form is good on the basic moves. My favorite is Buti – it’s a great workout and I love feeling like I sweat out all my stress. I’m planning on attending a class each day this week and look forward to meeting even more instructors on your team

– CH
My favorite studio to practice in and a go-to must whenever I’m in town. Thank you Frank and Jess for introducing me to the practice and the studio!

– AK
I love the classes/schedule offered and am truly impressed by each of the instructors and the knowledge and experience they share with us. The classes I prefer are Slow Flow, Gentle Rejuvenative and Power Vinyasa.

– KN
I love the Rejuvenative with Sherry, this seems exactly what I need to start, doable, yet very effective at opening up. I Chagrin Yoga because it is close, lots of options, and everyone is really friendly. I appreciate Sherry’s non-competitive focus, and individual attention. She definitely doesn’t want any injuries due to overzealousness and idealism. I have been involved in a spiritual process for the past 20 years and so deep stuff has been arising and I have been releasing.

– MV
I have to tell you, I have worked out at so many different places in town, and I am a fitness instructor as well… I wish I tried Chagrin Yoga sooner! I love the feeling there, and I have loved every class and teacher. I took three Power Vinyasa classes and each teacher’s style was unique, which was very refreshing. I am a huge fan of your studio!

– JW
I traveled to Tulsa this past weekend for a wedding and went to what I was told was “the best” yoga studio around. It was a very nice place, for sure. Everybody was very welcoming, but since I have never been to any other studios besides Chagrin Yoga, my expectations were perhaps higher than they should have been. The studio only had one room, which was VERY crowded, and they only offered one type of class. Luckily for me it was a vinyasa flow. The instructor was good, but nothing compared to the instructors I’ve experienced at Chagrin Yoga. I was very grateful that I had such a good foundation to work from because I could use the things that Darcy, Frank, Scott, Elizabeth, Vishali et al have taught me to protect my back and tender knees. I just wanted to let you know, even though I’m sure you already do, you are doing a wonderful thing for our community and I am so appreciative. I ask myself every day, “what took you so long to get to yoga!?”

– MM
I am greatly enjoying my yoga experience, especially the vinyasa classes. Thank you to you and the staff for helping me prepare for my upcoming season of professional baseball!

– DF
Great yoga instructors and classes. Would recommend this studio for any beginners as well.

– RL
Dropped in tonight for the slow flow class and was very impressed by the whole studio. The women at the front desk were so incredibly sweet, welcoming and helpful. And the class and instructor was awesome. Perfect, stress relieving end to the week. I’ll definitely be back.

– AM
I attended a course with a friend I met at school. I’ve never been to Ohio before, nor have I taken a studio yoga course. Honestly, I was a bit leary at first because of my disability, but the course was amazing and I wish we had this studio back home. So, for the people who are unsure about trying something new or have a disability (I have a spinal fusion – can’t twist/bend my spine), give it a try! I felt 100 times better.

– CK
Giving without expectation. Darcy at Chagrin Yoga shared this gift with me this week. Thank you for helping a fellow yoga studio owner out by sharing your wisdom so openly. It’s comforting to know there is someone in Ohio, in our same business, who is cheering for us on the sidelines. Much love and prosperity to you, my friend xoxo

– ES
A very welcoming, professional – awesome atmosphere! Teachers are helpful, knowledgeable and it’s fun! There’s a class here for every comfort level. I am so grateful for the initial help on the phone from Laura L. She explained in detail about what the studio offered and has always been a welcoming asset to the front desk. This studio has truly transformed my life and I love it! My husband and daughter love it too!

– SI
The spirit at Chagrin Yoga is warm and welcoming. The classes are well instructed and inspiring. Darcy Providente… Rocks my Socks! Absolutely Love practicing and learning at Chagrin Yoga.

– NW
I think Chagrin Yoga is one of a kind, the people are supportive and friendly and I think Dawn Holst is a wonderful teacher.

– DF
Chagrin Yoga has had a big impact on my life in the past year. I visited other studios, but immediately liked Dawn, her class and Chagrin Yoga in general. Your business has a completely different atmosphere. It is much more warm and inviting. The instructors are friendlier, the people attending classes are friendlier and there is simply a different feel to the place. I am one grateful customer, keep up the good work!

– SK
I want to thank you for all you have given me. You are the place I come to recharge, recenter and remember who I am. You are my source of peace of mind and body. The last year has been a difficult one for me. Coming to yoga has truly been my saving grace. I believe it is the reason I can get out of bed and look at life with compassion and hope. So, thank you to Darcy and Robin for creating such a warm and positive space and to the staff for being such an inspiring and compassionate group of individuals.

– NK
Love Chagrin Yoga. Took my workout to a new level. The teachers here are amazing. I am so blessed to be a part of this yoga studio.

– SP
Chagrin Yoga has opened my eyes immensely! I’ve attended Chagrin Yoga numerous times over the past year and half, and I have never had a bad experience! The staff is filled with amazing instructors who make you feel at home and at peace. The place is filled with a care free and loving vibe, that attracts many people! My personal fav class is power vinyasa but there are so many options for beginner yogis to advanced yogis!!!

– SB
Chagrin Yoga has impacted my life in such a positive way! Every time I step foot into this studio I’m greeted by everyone in the room and immediately feel more relaxed and stress-free. I’ve been practicing yoga for about two years now and all the instructors have become more than just instructors to me. Absolutely no negative vibes at Chagrin Yoga.

– CW
Chagrin Yoga is my home away from home. It’s all about the love!

-SF –

Welcoming and joyful community with excellent classes and teachers!

– JB
Love this place and the amazing instructors!
– MW
Darcy, I wanted you to know that your classes, your words, and inspiration have helped me through a difficult journey. You are one of the many angels who has touched my life along the way and I am very grateful for that, and you. Please know that your classes, Chagrin Yoga and YOU are touching many lives.
- C
Darcy, Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the opportunity to practice at a few different yoga studios. I have to say my experience with them does not compare to mine at Chagrin Yoga. There is something special about Chagrin Yoga – from the front desk to the classroom – I have never felt like a dollar sign to you or your staff. This balance of running a business without making others feel this way is difficult to achieve. I see your spirit of kindness throughout every aspect of Chagrin Yoga. Thank you for letting me be a part of the Chagrin Yoga family. My life has been changed by my experiences here and I am forever grateful!

– SM
Chagrin Yoga is both the most challenging and welcoming place I’ve ever been to. I started practicing yoga there and went onto Teacher Training – can’t even imagine how different everything would be if I’d never walked through those doors.

– JH
I wanted to send a note of gratitude. I’ve been coming to Chagrin Yoga for a few months now. Yesterday, I was in Maribeth’s Vinyasa Flow class and I grew to a state of purity that brought me to tears that I had to fight back so I could continue my practice. I have been working on my inversions, particularly my headstand. Yesterday, Maribeth spent the time to help me perfect the stance and I was able to stay inverted the longest time yet, really focusing on my breathing. It was my first yoga class where I really understood the peace the marriage of breath and movement brings. So, thank you.

– NK
Love it. The more I go the better I enjoy it. And I am pretty new to yoga. Plus my son has a class at the same time.
– CH
Best yoga studio in Cleveland area, hands down!

– JM
Great dedicated Yoga instructors with many convenient class times. First detox class yesterday was great! Very informative and a huge support group!

– SU
I have been practicing yoga for a year. Running on the treadmill caused multiple bursas on my right hip, I had chronic pain in my heels from plantar fasciitis as well as back pain from scoliosis. These issues led me to the low impact work out and stretching that yoga offers. I began with a hot fusion class and switched to Brian’s Bikram class 5 months later. It is by far the best work out I have ever done and I no longer have pain in my heels, back and no more hip bursas!! However, what I did not realize was the great effect practicing Bikram Yoga would have on my spine; I have grown an inch and a half in height from strengthening and straightening out my spine!! I hope others will experience similar healing results that Bikram offers! Thank you Brian & Chagrin Yoga!

– Carla
I was diagnosed with Truncal Lymphedema on my left upper body arm in April 2011. This condition is caused by the breast cancer treatment. I thought I could never practice any yoga poses anymore (since I could not put any weight on my upper left side at all). I was going to different certified lymph massage therapists 2-3 times per week, but the pain kept coming back within 24 hours. I decided to try Brian’s Bikram Style Hot Yoga class, even though the heat concerns me (heat could cause the buildup of the lymph fluid on my left arm and left trunk). But, I decided to try it anyway and find out how I felt afterwards. Amazingly, I felt better after the first class. It felt like my left arm was stretched and redirected the lymph fluid to move to the other working lymph nodes. The class does not require much of upper body strength. After taking Brian’s classes regularly for the last 4 months, I have not put on my “lymphedema sleeve” for my left arm anymore on a daily basis. I have taken Brian’s Bikram Style Hot Yoga class 2-3 times per week since mid-July 2011. I just want to thank Brian and Chagrin Yoga for making this class available to me and hopefully more people will experience the benefits of taking the “Bikram” style class.

– Rani
What an amazing life altering experience! I recently graduated from Chagrin Yoga’s first 200 Level Teacher Training. Intense, nurturing, challenging, and mind opening! Teachers with open arms and students with welcoming smiles; Darcy & Robin (the owners) have blended the best of the best. Walking into Chagrin Yoga feels like coming home.

– Sherry
What an amazing place! I started taking classes at Chagrin Yoga about a year ago and instantly felt the love and positive energy as I walked in the door. The owners, Darcy and Robin, are open and welcoming and get to know each student and the community. I’ve grown so much being a part of this studio! I crave being there and enjoy every class from the power to the gentle slower ones, to the fact that I get to practice more often by having my kids go to their own yoga classes at the studio while I take my class!

– AA
Chagrin Yoga is community!! I love teaching and practicing in this beautiful space. The teachers and staff are knowledgeable and passionate about sharing yoga and providing a safe, non-judgemental environment for all who walk through the door. The students are amazing, fun and open to exploring their practice. An extensive class schedule offers something for everyone.

– Melissa
Chagrin Yoga provides a wonderful atmosphere with an even better staff of instructors. An eco-friendly studio with a range of different classes and times allowed for me to work around my schedule while still enjoying the union of yoga.

– AR
– -Chagrin Yoga has become my treat for myself every week as a busy working mom. The instructors are phenomenal, kind, and push you to be your very best self inside and out. Bikram is amazing and is my new addiction. And Power Vinyasa is challenging and fun! I love this studio!

– Beth
There is no place like “Ohm”… and Robin and Darcy have done a tremendous job building this amazing studio. They offer a huge selection of class styles and times to choose from taught by a variety of gifted, compassionate teachers. There are alot of yoga studios in northeastern Ohio, but at Chagrin Yoga the staff and students are genuinely open-hearted and non-judgemental (even outside of the classroom)! From the moment you walk in the door you will feel at home. I’m so grateful to be a part of this community.

– RN
I started going to classes at Chagrin Yoga last November and was amazed! Not only is the environment comfortable but with so many great teachers, I have learned a new way of moving and simply breathing that has changed my approach to so many different things in my life. I highly recommend any of Chagrin Yoga’s classes; all of the instructors are simply wonderful people who are more than willing to share their love of yoga with others!

– JP
Chagrin Yoga is hands down my favorite Yoga studio in Cleveland. Everyone there… the owners, the talented instructors and even fellow students are FRIENDLY and welcoming and warm. The studios are clean and comfortable (the Sage Studio has an amazing heating/humidity system and the floor is padded!) and the teachers are encouraging and non-judgmental… it’s the perfect combination of all things a yoga studio should be. Both beginners and advanced Yogis feel welcome and challenged there. I wish I could go every day!

So happy you are here…adore the studio and am thrilled that Bikram has finally found it’s way to Cleveland! Thank you for hosting!

– K. Drcar
Love the new sage studio & excited Bikram is offered in the area again.

– L. Hosmer
I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank Chagrin Yoga, especially Erin, for a great experience in the prenatal yoga class. Erin’s class was one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. I am home now with my new son, Samuel and looking forward to more classes at your studio in the future! Thanks so much.

– J. Spencer
Just a big thanks for the session this morning! The special attention, oils and massage was awesome and heavenly! My body and spirit thank you. I may just become a vinyasa flow groupie!

– C. Jackson
I wanted to tell you that I went to Melanie’s class yesterday at 2 and it was my first time in her class. It was an EXCELLENT class and I walked away in such a peaceful state of mind! She led us through a peaceful buildup, her voice was soothing and encouraging, then she turned on some pumping music and we flowed to that until we were all dripping with sweat and ready to drop, then we did an inversion and then 4 bridge/wheels (she helped me with both of these) and ended with a peaceful cool down again. Seriously, she is amazing – I wish she taught more classes there!

– MT
I truly enjoyed my recent visit to Chagrin Yoga! I’m so glad you are there! …And the Ashiatsu Massage was outstanding! I WILL be back!

– C. Cipriano
Thanks for the great variety of classes, instructors and times. You are all doing a great job!

– M. Weber
I think that this is the Hottest Place in Chagrin.. and the best.. It’s one of my favorite places and I only have two.

– S. Seibert
I really enjoyed my yoga class at Chagrin Yoga, Dawn was my instructor. This had to be the best yoga class I’ve ever taken!!! I also love the yoga boutique! I could shop for hours! The best eco-friendly clothing and products! Thank you Darcy and Dawn!

– K. Berardinelli
I’m so excited that there is a real yoga place with knowledgeable staff in Chagrin Falls.

– S. Seibert
Your classes, times and instructors are totally awesome!

– D. Mayo
This studio rocks! I’d recommend it to anyone!

– K. Novak